The Wright Consulting Group can support your proposal operational needs with the coordination throughout the proposal development process by assuring proper support. We can be responsible for:

– Communicating with all stakeholders as required
– Providing regular reports and attending meetings as necessary
– Developing and managing proposal schedules, plans, deadlines, and progress monitoring
– Developing proposal outlines and verifying compliance
– Developing proposal content and win themes
– Providing editing, formatting, and graphic modification
– Achieving visual consistency
– Maintaining proper document management and version control
– Developing formats and typographic styles that comply with requirements
– Validating style, consistency, grammar, and syntax of the final document
– Incorporating proposal strategies, approved themes/discriminators, technical/management features and benefits, and other material into proposal sections
– When necessary, conducting formal and informal interviews of Subject Matter Experts charged with providing proposal input
– Conducting formal and informal validation and submission reviews (e.g., blue, pink, red, and gold)
– Performing re-writes as needed to clarify and simplify text
– Recommending additional graphics or modifications to existing graphics
– Delivery of final Technical document in electronic draft
– Pricing Assistance as appropriate and agreed upon

Technical writing and documentation to develop a proposal library

We can perform various documentation and technical writing tasks to assist in developing a proposal library.

These include, but are not limited to Management, Staffing and Quality Assurance templates.